CALL TO ACTION!!!!  THE UNIONS are after your  Families livelyhood

Dear Fellow Hotelier,

I am reaching out to you because the Los Angeles hotel owners will be addressing an ordinance (see attached) drafted by a Labor Union that will become law this coming Tuesday.  I have attached the ordinance. All the ordinance provisions are a detriment to the mid-market and economy hotels in Los Angeles. This union supported initiative is spreading throughout California and will be affecting other states.

The ordinance will make it mandatory for Los Angeles Hotels to provide daily housekeeping services. Only the guest is allowed to opt out of housekeeping services. The front desk cannot provide any incentives to the guest to forego the services. This will greatly impact the extended stay market and hotels that are offering discounted rates to guest to forgo housekeeping services.

We addressed our concerns to the mayor's office and the budget and finance committee members. We have explained the financial burden such a requirement would impose on our industry. We need the Los Angeles city council to stay the vote and meet with us to address the financial impact on the mid-market and economy hotel market, we may be able to turn the tide of support for this ordinance or have it modified. We are lobbying for a carve out for the mid-market and economy hotels. 

The Unions are using this method to avoid collective bargaining with the full-service hotels in Los Angeles. The unions are attempting to impose their terms on the segment of the market that is non-union represented.

Please meet us at the hearing and show your support this coming Tuesday, June 28 at 10:00 am SHARP? It would be greatly appreciated. We are mobilizing hotel owners to attend the hearing on June 28th. I realize this is short notice, however, we got wind of the proposed ordinance late Thursday of last week. 

We will address a Union driven legislations that is a detriment to the mid-market and economy segment of the Los Angeles hotel industry. We will be fighting for our families livelyhood. Come support the Los Angeles hotel owners who own and operate the mid-market and economy hotels in Los Angeles. 

Location for Tuesday, June 28 at 10 AM SHARP





The Northeast Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association (NELAHOA) is opposed to the proposed “Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance” (Ordinance) because it mandates the daily cleaning and sanitizing of every occupied room. It will therefore lead to higher room prices.  It should be obvious that higher room prices will fuel inflation, reduce tourism, and hurt our local economy. This aspect of the Ordinance will necessarily have a disproportionate impact upon the low and moderately priced segments of the hotel industry. Because these segments of the hotel industry are predominantly owned by Asian Americans, we believe that the proposed Ordinance, as it is currently framed, is racially discriminatory as well.

The Ordinance mandates that all hotels must clean and sanitize every occupied room every day. Even for those customers who choose to “go green,” and not have their linens and towels cleaned every day, the Ordinance prohibits hotel owners from passing along the savings to the customers! The combination of the mandate and financial disincentive will adversely impact the business model of all low and moderately priced hotels and motels, causing room prices to go up.

Yet another provision will add unnecessary expense to the operation of low and moderately priced segments of the hotel industry. This provision mandates the hiring of 24-hour around the clock security guards in all hotels with 60 or more rooms. This level of additional staffing is simply not necessary to provide a prompt response to staff members who activate their personal security devices.

Both of these provisions will lead to higher room prices and loss of business, thereby adding to inflation and reducing tourism. Both the economy and mid-market segments of the hotel and motel industry are predominantly owned by families of Indian, Chinese, and Korean ethnic backgrounds. Because these segments will be disproportionately impacted by these provisions, the Ordinance appears to be racially discriminatory as well.

We respectfully ask that the Los Angeles City Council postpone the vote on the Ordinance and allow the association to provide input on its provisions.

Contact Ray Patel for more information at